Mexico City-né Jorge Ayala navigates through disciplines with talent, undeniably reinventing movement, lines and volume. Ayala studied architecture in Paris prior to entering the prestigious Architectural Association School in London. Jorge founded [Ay]Architecture in 2011, his design studio in Paris, dedicated to cutting edge research and material experimentation. [Ay]A engages different scopes, from applied arts to design, within a theoretical frame and onto a professional praxis. [Ay]A tailors Architecture to different disciplines: visualmerchandising, marketing strategies, editorial as well as product and clothing design, gaining collaborations with global brands like Louis Vuitton, Franck Provost, Swarovski, Google Mexico and United Nude, among others.

In 2013, Ayala expanded his entrepreneurial determination to JA Jorge Ayala Paris, novel architectural paradigm to clothing design. Eagerly, Jorge seeks to spread all innovative tools of digital production implemented in his architectural practice, in order to develop avantgarde drawings. He crystalizes patterns and prints for JAP clothes using various-advanced and analog- tactics.

Jorge challenges architecture with a novel approach: body architecture. His physical models evoke clothing typologies, architecture onto natural systems, accessories as ornaments and ornaments as prosthetics. “The praxis of architecture has a lot in common with the one of fashion: precision, structure, engineering, texture, material, assembly, innovation, technology and of course aesthetics.” For Ayala, clothes can be informed by architecture and vice versa. His models are designed in 3D with innovative materials: laminated silk, pleated organza laser cut, tattooed velvet leather, architectural fabrics and textiles.

Ayala develops a Lifestyle line creating furniture, lighting appliques and wallpapers oscillating between
designed devices and pieces of art. Jorge Ayala’s contemporary art pieces and installations have been exhibited in Paris, Mexico City, Tijuana, Orleans and Saint-Ouen.